College Fund

When Schuering Zimmerman & Doyle, LLP’s founding partner, Leo H. Schuering, Jr., was thinking about starting a small law firm he had an idea – to create a college fund for the children of the law firm’s staff and lawyers. He thought it was a great idea and when he discussed it with Robert Zimmerman, he too thought it was a great idea. The college fund would enhance every child’s ability to attend the college of their choice without having to worry about how to pay for it.

The college fund was started in 1989 and the law firm has contributed to it every year since then; the total of the contributions is more than two million dollars.Mr. Schuering and Mr. Zimmerman’s idea has been a great one. Children who were infants in 1989 or who were born shortly after 1989 have had enough money to attend the colleges of their choice. Children born more recently too should have enough money to attend the colleges of their choice. The college fund is a unique benefit, one that has inspired significant loyalty to the law firm.